Whether real or not, the shocking footage of an angry cobra filmed on a golf course in South Africa is surely spine-chilling.

The massive cobra seen in the terrifying viral video is reportedly among the deadliest of snakes. So, we can only imagine how a fun day out turned out to be a nightmare for the golfers when the wild creature decided to invade the green field.

But, many argue the sighting can’t be real and is the work of AI.

The original video was shared by Instagram user Elitha Peachey on Sunday, and it was filmed in Cape Town when she and her pals were playing golf. The caption on it says: “Koperkapel (Cape Cobra), on our ladies’ tee box! I’m going to hit straight from now on!”

The footage is only a few seconds long but scary enough to get imprinted on your mind forever! A cobra violently slithers into the field and strikes the signboard in its way a couple of times. The rest of the clip shows the snake slowly twirling in the same position, while its eyes appear to scan the surroundings.

It isn’t clear what caused the cobra to storm into the golf course, but the video also shows a mongoose standing at a distance from where the cobra came. So, one possible explanation is that the snake was just trying to escape its predator.

People are finding it hard to believe that the snake in the footage is real considering the rarity of such an occurrence. Some even go as far as saying it’s AI-generated because of the way the cobra looks.

@golfoncbs The cape cobra and mongoose duo 😳 #golf #fyp #cobra #mongoose ♬ original sound – Golf on CBS

One opined: “That looks like AI. The way it jumped over the little sign looked off.”

“That can’t be real. No way,” said another.

A third person said: “These days everything looks like an AI. Not sure if this is real.”

“This looks so fake. OMG,” wrote another.

Despite the possibility of the cobra being generated by AI, we have to consider the fact that Africa is home to hundreds of snake species and there have been several encounters between them and humans.

Earlier this year, a pilot had to make an emergency landing when a cobra was discovered in the plane’s cockpit. It was reportedly hiding under his seat.

While the debate over the authenticity of the cobra video continues, it’s important to remember that social media is full of unrealistic animals and other creatures that will boggle your mind. We’ve seen everything from baby ‘hippogators’ that appear to be a blend of hippos and alligators to bugs doing press-ups on TikTok.

One notable example is the metallic Madagascar Blue Jewel beetle, a stunningly beautiful insect that many claim is too beautiful to be real. These examples serve as a reminder that the internet can sometimes blur the lines between reality and illusion, leaving us in awe of the wonders of the natural world and the creative possibilities of AI-generated content.

In the end, whether the golf course cobra is real or AI-generated, it has certainly sparked curiosity and debate, adding to the ever-growing collection of captivating and sometimes unbelievable content that floods our digital screens. Regardless of its origins, it serves as a reminder of the fascination and intrigue that nature, technology, and the internet can bring into our lives.