During a sunny afternoon in Queens, New York, an ordinary hobby turned into a life-changing find for James Kane and Barbi Agostini.

The couple, who have been magnet fishing together for nearly a year, discovered a safe containing $100,000 in cash while exploring Flushing Meadows Park.

James and Barbi began magnet fishing during the COVID-19 pandemic, seeking a unique way to spend time outdoors. Magnet fishing involves using a strong magnet attached to a rope to retrieve metal objects from the bottom of bodies of water.

Over the past year, their expeditions have yielded an array of items, from cell phones and jewelry to guns, all of which they have chronicled on their YouTube channel “Let’s Get Magnetic”.

“This is just one of the stops on my list, which is Flushing Meadows Park, a beautiful historical area from the World’s Fair,” James explained. “I just sense it; I can feel it,” he added, referring to his uncanny ability to locate hidden treasures.

“It sounds kind of corny, but I honestly believe that I can sense where everything is.”

Lucky couple finds $100,000 in safe while magnet fishing in NYC

On this particular trip, James’s intuition proved correct. The couple hauled up a safe encrusted with sludge and grime. Inside, they found stacks of cash, which they estimate to be worth up to $100,000. The discovery left them both stunned and exhilarated.

After contacting the New York Police Department, they were informed that, due to the lack of serial numbers on the safe and no identifiable way to trace the owner, they were legally entitled to keep the money. Their next step is to take the deteriorated cash to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C., to begin the currency redemption process.

With their newfound wealth, James and Barbi are eager to fulfill a lifelong dream: buying a home for their family of five in New York City.

Magnet fishing, an intriguing mix of treasure hunting and environmental cleanup, has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years. Enthusiasts like James and Barbi are drawn to the hobby not just for the potential of finding valuable items, but also for the thrill of the hunt and the unexpected discoveries that come with each outing.

The allure of magnet fishing lies in the mystery of what lies beneath the water’s surface, waiting to be uncovered.

Lucky couple finds $100,000 in safe while magnet fishing in NYC

James and Barbi’s journey into magnet fishing began during the pandemic, a time when many people were seeking new and safe ways to spend time outdoors. “We wanted to find something different, something that could get us outside and moving,” Barbi recalled.

Magnet fishing turned out to be the perfect solution, combining the excitement of exploration with the satisfaction of finding and retrieving lost objects.

Their YouTube channel, “Let’s Get Magnetic,” documents their adventures and discoveries, attracting a growing number of followers who share their enthusiasm for the hobby. Through their videos, they have shared a variety of finds, from mundane objects like nails and scrap metal to more intriguing items like antique jewelry and even firearms. Each find tells a story, adding a layer of history and intrigue to their expeditions.

The discovery of the safe, however, was beyond anything they had imagined. “When we pulled it up and saw the cash inside, we were in disbelief,” James said. The money, though deteriorated from being submerged for so long, was still recognizable and countable.

After the initial shock wore off, the couple contacted the police to report their find. The authorities informed them that without any identifying marks or serial numbers on the safe, the money was legally theirs.

Lucky couple finds $100,000 in safe while magnet fishing in NYC

The next step for James and Barbi is to travel to Washington, D.C., where the Bureau of Engraving and Printing will assess the condition of the cash and potentially redeem it for its full value.

This process involves verifying the legitimacy of the currency and determining how much of it can be replaced with new bills. “It’s a bit of a process, but it’s worth it,” Barbi said.

The windfall comes at a crucial time for the couple, who have long dreamed of purchasing a home for their family in the expensive New York City housing market. “This money is a blessing,” James said. “It means we can finally give our kids the home they deserve.”

James and Barbi’s story has captivated many, not just because of the financial windfall, but because it highlights the unexpected joys and adventures that can come from pursuing a unique hobby.

Their experience is a testament to the idea that sometimes, fortune favors the bold and the curious. As they prepare to take the next steps in their journey, both with their newfound wealth and their continued adventures in magnet fishing, their story serves as an inspiring reminder of the surprises that life can hold.

Watch the interview with James and Barbi below.