In a bid to foster inclusivity within the travel industry, plus-size influencer Jaelynn Chaney has embarked on a campaign advocating for more accommodating hotel amenities.

With a significant following on TikTok, Chaney’s calls for change have sparked widespread debate, echoing her earlier demands for airlines to provide free seats for larger passengers.

In a video shared on her TikTok account last month, Chaney outlined a series of suggestions aimed at making hotels more welcoming for plus-sized guests.

Her proposals included expanding corridors and elevators to facilitate easier movement for larger individuals and those using mobility devices. “We deserve an environment that respects our needs and body diversity,” Chaney asserted, emphasizing the importance of creating spaces that cater to a diverse range of body types.

Plus-size influencer who petitioned for free, extra plane seats now calls on hotels to enlarge hallways

Chaney’s mission is clear: to revolutionize the travel industry and make it a more accessible, accepting, and accommodating place for all.

She highlighted the necessity of size-inclusive bathrooms, recommending that hotel bathrooms should be equipped with higher toilet seats and handheld showerheads to aid in personal hygiene for those with bigger bodies.

Additionally, she suggested that these facilities should cater to individuals up to size 6X and beyond.

To enhance comfort in recreational areas, Chaney proposed the installation of handrails in swimming pools and the provision of stronger, wider chairs for lounges and poolside areas. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of training hotel staff to be respectful, understanding, and accommodating to travelers of all sizes.

“Creating a space where every guest feels valued and comfortable is essential,” Chaney wrote in the caption of her video. “Size-inclusive hotel amenities are more than just accommodations — they’re a statement of respect for diverse needs and body types.”

While Chaney’s advocacy has garnered support, it has also attracted criticism. Some online commenters agreed with the principle behind her requests but questioned their feasibility.

Plus-size influencer who petitioned for free, extra plane seats now calls on hotels to enlarge hallways

“I agree this is ideal, but some of these are out of the hotel’s control — lift size, for example,” noted one user. Another commenter expressed wholehearted support, stating, “I’m backing you 100%.”

However, the response was not unanimously positive. Some critics argued that Chaney’s demands were unreasonable and rooted in a sense of entitlement. “How are you gonna ask for things to change, but refuse to change yourself?” asked one woman.

Another suggested that it would be more economical for individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles rather than expect industries to adapt. “Imagine feeling so entitled to demand that an entire industry accommodate your inability to put down the fork,” a male user wrote, labeling Chaney’s stance as “wild.”

Chaney, who identifies as a “Plus Size Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle” creator on her TikTok profile, has consistently defended her position.

She countered one critic by stating, “I am fat and I will let no airline or hotel pay for my eating habits,” asserting her right to advocate for better treatment and accommodations for plus-sized travelers.

Plus-size influencer who petitioned for free, extra plane seats now calls on hotels to enlarge hallways

The mixed reactions to Chaney’s campaign reflect a broader societal debate about body inclusivity and the responsibilities of industries to cater to diverse body types.

Supporters argue that creating size-inclusive environments is a matter of respect and equality, while opponents often frame it as an issue of personal responsibility and practicality.

Despite the controversy, Chaney’s efforts have undeniably brought attention to the challenges faced by plus-sized travelers.

Her advocacy underscores the need for a more inclusive approach within the travel industry, one that recognizes and accommodates the diverse needs of all travelers.

By pushing for changes that range from physical adjustments in hotel infrastructure to attitudinal shifts among staff, Chaney is driving a conversation that could lead to more equitable and comfortable travel experiences for everyone.